What’s in the EAS Vegan Protein Powder Review?

If you are like me, reading an EAS vegan protein powder review is the best thing you could ever do. Reading what other vegans have to say about the company that makes it all the more beneficial. It gives me a small bit of extra confidence in my decision to use it. After all I am not the only one who thinks this way. The hundreds of other people who are on the same boat as I am convinced enough that EAS is a great choice. That is why I want to focus on this EAS vegan protein powder review right now.

eas vegan protein powder review

What are some of the things that make EAS so popular? I will let you know about that in my review. But first let me tell you how I came to decide to use it. I was looking for a healthy alternative to a whey powder shake that I normally take before I go to work. I needed a product that tasted good and lasted but I still wasn’t sure if it was going to do the trick.

So I started my search on the internet. I wanted to find a true vegan protein powder review. After a few searches I was starting to get a little discouraged. It seemed like there were no results coming back from any reviews I did find.

Then I remembered that I had read some vegan protein powders that were also really good. So I went ahead and checked them out. And to my amazement I actually found some that actually had some good things to say about EAS.

One of the things that they said was that they’re vegan protein powder didn’t clog my arteries. This was surprising to me, because after all a lot of soy based products do have that effect. But after using EAS I have noticed that my blood pressure has gone down. I think this is because of the cholesterol lowering effects of the soy. My readings are a bit more than normal, but they are lower than they have been in years. And the cholesterol is still down.

Another thing that I thought was good was that they didn’t taste like cardboard. Now, I’m not a big chocolate or peanut butter person but these were some really good vegan protein bars. They had a nice taste and smell, almost fruity. There are no bad smells and after eating them my mouth felt better.

I am a big protein junkie so I was excited to see that the EAS vegan protein powder review on the web site also talked about their lack of artificial ingredients and preservatives. This is a huge concern for me as a vegetarian. It’s important to know that the ingredients are natural and organic. I want to know that I’m getting something that is going to be good for me and not cause me problems later on in life. I definitely want a product that is good for me now and going forward.

Now that I know what all I can about this new product I am very curious to see how it turns out for me. I love tofu and this seems like a fantastic option to get all of the nutrition I need without the animal products. So my next step is to buy some myself and start taking advantage of all that the EAS vegan protein powder has to offer me. I plan on putting the soy in my food the whole time so I don’t have to worry about it going bad.

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