Building Landing Pages That Work For Affiliate Marketing

Have you been to an airport? Have you seen the way Aircrafts, land on the airstrip and then taxi into the airport terminal?

Very systematic, just imagine, what would happen if the Aircraft tried to land directly, on to the terminal!

Absolute chaos and discomfort to everyone and phenomenal losses.

Do you have a product?

You have created an affiliate program and adsense ads and are ready to rock and roll, but have you created a landing page, for the ads and the affiliate programs that you have created?

There is very high probability, that the answer is no!

The net result, you incur losses, because you led up the customer, to the home page of your site, instead of the page, which was supposed to give the information, about the product, the customer was searching.

The net result, you lost a prospective customer, but also lost money, in Google Adsense as well as, in the affiliate marketing program.

Landing pages are similar, to the landing strips in Airports, a page where visitors are directed to, whenever they click a web ad or a search a web result.

Landing pages would be the right place, where your potential customer should land, read the information, make a decision and then probably make a purchase.

They aren’t anything special, that would make them distinct from the other pages, just that, it is the right page where a customer, can find the information he is looking for.

You can wonder why have, extra pages, when you can send your customers, to your home page.

If you do want more, from your business i.e. more profits better create a special landing page, for your web ads.

Still in doubt, consider a few reasons below … after you read the reasons, if you decide to create one, do a professional job of it than a so-so one.

Reason #1: It is a great way to earn conversions in an affiliate marketing program

Though there are a numerous affiliate marketing programs, most of these programs ask the merchant pay the affiliate, on a pay per click basis.

Once you signup the program owner, would distribute your ads, to various affiliates who would place the ads on their websites.

So there you go, anytime your ad is clicked, the visitor would be directed to your landing page and of course you pay the affiliate for his service.

As a merchant, the only earning you make is through conversions i.e. whenever a visitor decides to buy a product.

So your expenses increase, as more traffic comes into your site.

No conversions mean, no revenue and no revenue would mean an ever increasing expense on ads.

You are getting into a loop, which would be very difficult to get out.

Your ads might be getting you enough people, interested in your products, but without a landing page, they have no way of knowing, how to purchase the products.

So have landing pages for your ads, because that is the only way, you can ever earn any money in an affiliate program.

Or else you will be in a loop, where you will be spending, spending and spending.

Reason #2: Other web pages may just not be enough.

How about landing people, on the “Contact Us” page? How about on the home page?

Well, each of these pages have their uses.

You cannot expect a visitor, to take time out to find your contact details and then purchase a product.

The same way, a home page is designed, to be a kind of welcome kit for the visitor, one that gives him just about relevant information and serves multiple visitors.

So the net result you have visitors, who have lost interest in your products already.

Keep the customer in mind, when choosing a landing page.

Let the page be relevant to the key words and the contents of your ad and lastly, it should induce your visitor, to take action i.e either by purchasing your product or direct you to customers, who would buy.

Final Word

The very purpose of you getting, into an affiliate program was to save advertising expenses and to gain more profit.

But without a proper back end, you will end up spending too much, on ads with little ROI.

If you still don’t have a Landing page, well, get one soon then. And get a great landing page.

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